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The success story on Boyle poker continues, I played the £15 rebuy on DTD for a seat at the next 321 weekend main event, I go out of this just after the break when I jam it in with A 10 suited on the bb to a 5 limped pot, AQ calls me flopping two queens leaves me drawing dead. I check out Blue Square but there are no GUKPT sat’s so I decide to play the freeze outs on Boyle.

$2k Guaranteed, $5 + 50c, 529 runners $2645 in the pot.

I play ultra aggressively early on, raising mid position with hands like 85 97 67 following through with continuation bets, hitting the flop every 4 / 5 times, I get chipped up so I start to slow down playing my big pairs 9s+ by shoving and coming second best just once, QQ v 88 with an 8 on the turn. I make final table, using my notes I isolate a couple of players who appear to be weak and as I have position on them I target their blinds as they increase.

Three handed and we get a massive cooler hand, I cant get away from the flop, all the money goes in on the turn, my set of kings are looking very dominated against Hugo’s full house 4s/ks – I shout K, J, 5 at my 14” screen and am duly rewarded with a 5 on the river, 790k in play and I’m now sitting with 530k of them, I keep the pots low now playing the flops, picking my spots carefully to claim another victory. I also cashed in another 2 tourneys so at the moment Boyle is working for me.


Dom said...

Nice Result mate.

Michael said...

How about Turn J river K to give you the straight with AT v AQ on the QQx flop?

and just to be pedantic K5 on a KK4 flop is not a set of kings but trip kings. To have a set you need pocket kings in the hole and hit one on the board.
Nice river though.

Gaz Chatts said...

Hi M8 just popping in to say hello good to see yer running ok not playing much these days to much work(really i'm shite and don't win enough lol)enjoy when I play and keep getting some money so it sooooots me just fine at the mo. good luck out there and see you some time this year at one of our northern resorts. see's your soon Gaz Chatts

Mick McCool said...

Nice one Steve!