on 14:15

Walsall last night for the £30 sat for the GUKPT Brighton leg, because of limited numbers, 8 runners - there was a discussion beforehand and it was agreed that we could play a 10 seater sit and go with 10,000 in starting chips, 2 x 30 minute levels then a 20 minute clock with running antes, £105 each with the casino taking just £5 off each player for providing the dealer (should have been £10.50)

There were 8 starters and it was agreed that the table would be capped at 10 entrants, if you got knocked out you could re-buy back in if there was a space left. Winner takes all £1050 - £10 short of the Brighton seat and off we go at 10pm (1/2 hour late).

I get a double up on the first hand, unraised and I'm in the cut off with K 8 spades, 5 in the pot and the flop comes A 10 3 all spades checked all the way round, 2 d on the turn and theres a bet in mid position to 300, I ask him if he's got the ace or is he flushing, I tell him I'm concerned about my kicker and I need to find out where I am, "I should have raised pre-flop" I mutter, raise to 725 to which he say's raise to 2500 - my intention here was to raise to 5k and then push on the river but I didnt get the chance, I announced raise, went for my chips and the other player (Hicky) shoved his chips and announced all-in, I called, and he flipped 10 - 2 off for the 2 pair, no miracle card for Hicky and I'm up to 20k.
Hicky then goes to Brum and back to get another £110 to do a rebuy before anyone else turned up to play, at the start ot level 2, we were joined by Neil Saunders who took the last seat available.
I get another scalp when I call a raise of 300 (Roger) with 6-8 spades 2 other callers and the flop comes As 8d Js UTG (Roger) bets 1200, I call other 2 fold, turn 3s, UTG bets 3600, I min raise he and he shoves all-in, I call and he flips pocket kings no spade, drawing dead and a nice donation to my stack, at the break I have 47,000 chips with 100k in play and 7 runners left.
I take a hit just after the break when I re-raise with pocket ladies to be re-raised all-in by Neil, its half my stack to call the total bet, I call and he turns over pocket 8s, first card out the deck is an 8 and I lose half my stack.
I then get lucky when 4 handed around 3am!!! I am utg with the blinds at 2k/4k/300 I find AQ and I raise to 12k I am holding around 24k at this point, button folds, Neil pushes his 14 total bet into the middle and the bb goes all- in for 22k total, I cant pass here as there is just to much in the pot, I call and Neil has 67 diamonds while Hicky on the BB has AK - a Queen on the flop and I knock 2 players out, I lose 2 orbits of blinds 3/6k and Dom suggests a 50-50 chop.
I accept and use the £525 to buy into the £200 & £300 events in Brighton next week, If I cash, I'll play the main event If not then I'll stay there and play the £100 on Thursday and Friday evenings with the £250 on the Saturday.
Well done to Zac and all the card room staff for allowing us to play this freezeout without ripping us off for the juice.
Broadway £20 rebuy tonight.