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Went out on the bubble 7th at Walsall last night £30 triple chance F/O (£800 first prize) after going in ahead 3 times on final table against weaker hands and getting the inevitable out draw.

Interest rates have been cut. The Monetary Policy Committee's move takes the rate to 1.5% - the first time it has fallen below 2% since the Bank was founded in 1694. But mortgage companies have already said that they may not pass the rate cut on to the customer. I am seriously thinking about putting a couple of my houses on the market to get me through this bleak period.

I'm trying to get the funds together to enable me to play some of the events down in Brighton, some tenants have obviously over spent at Christmas and paying the landlord is obviously not top of their priority list.

If you are going down to Brighton and want details of a nice, cheap and clean hotel then let read know or read the article from 15th December (Amblecliff Hotel).

Tonight at Walsall is a £30 sup sat for the GUKPT Brighton leg 9.15pm with 2000 starting chips


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