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Went to Walsall last night and played the £50 3 x 5000 shovefest, I didnt make level 3 so thats the end of that post.

I've been asked for futher info on the satelites down in Bridgnorth so here goes:

Tables start around 8.20pm, thats usually when the first 10 are there.. as you bust out of one (if your unlucky) then you can enter the next one going. There's between 2-4 tables per week.

Satelites finish for around midnight although the cash table goes on till around 2ish.

The tables are a maximum 10 handed at £35 each and there is always (ONE) rebuy offered for the first person out and this £35 is to pay for the dealer. There is NO reg fee in the satelites altough there is a session charge on the cash table.

Parking is strictly at the rear of the pub which is accessed on severn st car park, once you enter the car park turn left and drive through the two wooden gated entrances going as far as you can. the rear of the pub will be on your right hand side.

http://maps.google.co.uk/maps then in the search box put Severn St, Bridgnorth If you zoom into this map of the car park you will get my drift or see above photo.
Please let me know if you intend going in a group.

Any other info required please ask.
I found this beautiful winter poem and thought it might be of comfort to you as it was to me - enjoy!
"Winter" by Abigail Elizabeth McIntrye.
Fuck me
it's cold!!!