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Got back from Bridgnorth about 1am after I lost a heads up battle (more of a non event really) to Gez Bailey after having a 4/1 chip lead then suffering with 7-2 6-2 9-3 8-2 6-2 9-3 while Gez was getting pocket Qs, 10s 8s Js 7s A-Q A-J A-10. The cold weather meant that there was only the one table tonight where normally we get 3-4 tables each week.

These tables are for a final table that will take place on Tues 3rd Feb in Bridgnorth, You can buy directly into the final table for £350 or you can try and qualify every Monday night at the live sat down in bridgnorth for £35 if you win the 10 seater sit n go then you win a seat in the final event and you also get $250 into a Boylepoker account. The £350 final event is for a seat to this years PartyPoker.com European Open V.

This is a televised event to be filmed at Mills Studios London from 6th - 13th Feb, this years cost is $7000 (which includes one nights accommodation at Waltham Abbey Marriott) so it will depend on the exchange rate on Feb 3rd how many runners we will need to make the seat (it should be around 15 runners) any runners over and above the required amount will mean cash for 2nd and 3rd possibly. these are the details of the televised event:

Broadcaster FIVE
Buy-In $7,000
Total Players 72
Total Prize Fund $504,000
Structure 12x 1st Round Heats consisting of 6 players in each heat
2x Semi Final Heats consisting of 7 players in each heat
2x Runners up turbo heats
1x Final Heat consisting of 6 players

Final Table
Prize Money Breakdown Winner $200,000
Runner Up $100,000
Third $50,000
Fourth $30,000
Fifth $25,000
Sixth $20,000
Semi Final
Prize Money Breakdown Winner Final (min $20,000)
Runner Up Final (min $20,000)
Third Final (min $20,000)
Fourth $12,500
Fifth $11,000
Sixth $9,000
Seventh $7,000

1st Round Filming Dates 6th Feb – Celebrity Qualifier / Heat 1
(2 heats a day – Morning & 7th Feb – Heat 2 / Heat 3
Afternoon) 8th Feb – Heat 4 / Heat 5
9th Feb – Heat 6 / Heat 7 /Turbo 1
10th Feb – Heat 8 / Heat 9
11th Feb – Heat 10 / Heat 11
12th Feb – Heat 12 (morning) / Turbo 2

Semi Final Filming Dates 12th Feb – Semi Final 1 (afternoon)
13th Feb – Semi Final 2 (morning)
Final Filming Date 13th Feb (Afternoon)

If your feeling flush and got $7k to spend then you can buy directly into this event, give us a shout and I'll give you some contact details. If your feeling the credit crunch, aint got $7k spare, then get down to Bridgnorth on a Monday night and qualify for just £35 with 50,000 starting chips and blinds starting at 1/2k and 20 minute blinds. (I will be repeating these details every week as it would be nice to have 20-30 qualifiers for the final £350)

The address of the pub is: Black Horse, 4 Bridge Street, Low Town, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV15 6AF with parking available at the rear of the pub accessed via Severn Street car park.

Mad Marty and spivver over see the games and they are all dealer dealt, there is also a very tasty cash table to progress onto afterwards obviously budget permitting.

The Premier league 3 starts tonight on channel 4 at 1.35am.


Anonymous said...

Great post Steve get most of local info here - cheers, Marcus

Steve H. said...

Your more than welcome mate. Youve already won one seat into the £350 event and I believe won some money on the Boylepoker $250 account that tou also got for winning your heat. Well done mate and good luck for Feb 3rd.

You can still come and try to win more seats for the final table, just get one of your mates to play for you if you win any more seats.
TV seat is transferable ;-)

Be lucky