on 18:39

Tonight I will play the Sunday Million on Pokerstars having qualified for $11.70 although I dont really feel like playing, if you haven't won a seat then you can buy in for $215


I was able to use the old plastic and register on line to play the DTD £300 freeze out.

296 runners generated a massive pot of £88,800 paying down to 27 places. 10k in chips and a 45 minute clock all the way through. I take a couple of hits early on and find myself down to 7500 at the first break. I manage to get back up to 8.5k when Pete "The professor" Singleton is moved onto the table with around 12k.

I'm on the BB when it folds round to the button (Pete S) who raises to 1100 blinds at 100/200/25 and the small blind goes into the think tank, I look at my hole cards to find QQ, I think to myself, Pete could be making a button steal, he could also have a middle pair or he could have AK/AQ, I think that he's a good enough player to lay down AK/AQ and even a middle pair if I raise enough to tell him I ain't folding, I re-raise another 5k leaving myself 2400, Pete re-raises me all-in and I think he must have AA or KK now but I've got too much in the pot to fold now, I call showing my QQ whilst Pete flips over AK and hits the flop square on AK5, rest is history. That's how my luck is running at the moment


Ukgatsby said...

Happy New Year
gl gl for 09