on 15:08

Broadway last night, had to rebuy and add on at the break as my AK fell over yet again. I then get up to over 12500 when I am moved Amir (Engineer as he is on-line) is sat to my left and I steal his bb a couple of times but show him a big ace in the process as I know he gets impetuous if he thinks I'm constantly stealing.

I find JJ in mid position and raise to 2600 blinds at 200/400 and I have around 12k back, Amir starts giving me the look over and I inform him that I'm not passing if he re-raises me, (he has me well covered) he eventually goes all-in and it passes round to me so I call, He flips over pocket 9s and is gutted when he see's the Jacks on their backs, flop comes 8 Q 5, Turn comes 10 and he hits a 2 outer on the river to give him a straight, oh well - back to the drawing board.

Dusk Till Dawn tonight and they are holding a £300 Freeze out with a £50,000 guaranteed, this is a two-dayer so I think I will make my way over there today.