on 20:59

Played the £150 at Broadway last night, I do 2/3rds of my stack first hand to get bluffed out on the river when Mr meathead bignose badbreath shoved all in, stands up and shouts, "put me on the cash table", I had to lay my flopped straight down as there was a flush on the turn, he then shows me a set of spanners then wants to sit there staring at me, sniggering and pulling faces = (F*ing muppet). I then go out when I get my gun loaded, I have KQh on the bb just before the break, I raise it up to 800 blinds 100/200 with 3 limper's in the pot, 1 caller, flop 793 rainbow, I bet out 800, call, turn is 4h and I bet out 1200 - call, river was a Jack so I go all in for 2500, I get a snap call she's only got 3200 left, from A8 spades (f*ing amazing). Perhaps I need to take some time out.

Won a seat on Blue Sq earlier when I knocked Jonathon Butters (JohnnyTcash) out with KK v 1010 in 3rd spot to get heads up with Dave Mauldin (Tigger), we play for about 10 minutes, then he gets a rush of blood when he sees K7 off and I have limped in the sb with 99 blinds at 400/800 and he pushes for another 6800, I've got 32k at this point, 7 on the flop but a brick on the river gives me the $270 seat on Sunday night into the GUKPT sat, ul mate.