on 14:51

9pm tonight is the £150 monthly freezeout at the Broadway Casino in Birmingham.

I entered the $100 rebuy on Blue Sq last night for a seat at the GUKPT with $1000 in ex's, first hand I'm all in with AK v JJ hitting an ace on the flop and a J coming on the river, with the $ rate so shit at the moment I dont want to many Ak's tonight esp after 20 seconds. I make it to the break with 5400 so avoid the need for an add on, I am on the same table as Dominic Kay and Marcus Bebb Jones. I make notes on most players that I play with when I am involved with this hand where I am on the BB with an UTG limp and 5 other callers, I decide that my A 10 is big enough to squeeze with although I forgot to checks my notes on the utg limper (doesn't fold once he's put chips in) sure enough he call for his tournament with AQ off with 5 still to act after him!!! needless to say I make a sharp exit. Well done to Dom who went on to win one of the four seats up for grabs, good luck in the main event mate.


Dom said...

Cheers steve. I'm hoping this will be lucky number 9 and i'll make day 2 this time! See ya soon m8.

Michael said...

Just been listening to a load of the songs on your playlist and it seems we have a similar taste in music. Some songs there i'd forgottten about. Thanks.