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Returning from Walsall Casino just after midnight, I take a right turn, when all of a sudden it feels and sounds like the car is running on the bare wheel. I jump out, take a look, it's absolutely chucking it down, "shit" I'm stuck in the middle of the junction and the car ain't going nowhere.

A police car stops and says " ello ello ello, whats going on ere then" I tell him - he's happy to leave me in the middle of the junction with my hazards on, don't think he wanted to push me onto the kerb in this rain storm.

The RAC say "we'll be there within the hour" but they didn't say which hour, as it was they send a local firm with a recovery truck out within 50 minutes.

It then takes a further hour to get the car on the back of the truck as they have to lift the car using jacks and put a pulley thing under the wheel. The ball joint has come out and the suspension arm looks like it needs to be replaced.

They are down to the last 36 in the main event in the Aussie Millions 2009.
A re draw for seats has just taken place a see's Richard Ashby on the same table as Barny Boatman and Sorel Mizzel

Table 10

Seat 1: Francis Ellis
Seat 2: Elliot Smith
Seat 3: Richard Ashby
Seat 4: Rajkumar Ramakrishnan
Seat 5: Sorel Mizzi
Seat 6: Barny Boatman

Table 11

Seat 1: Tino Lechich
Seat 2: Natan Meylakh
Seat 3: Dean McIver
Seat 4: Corey Robinson
Seat 5: Grant Levy
Seat 6: Damon Lum

Table 12

Seat 1: Annica Ivert
Seat 2: Kelly Kim
Seat 3: David Docherty
Seat 4: Dixon Ruecker
Seat 5: Zach Gruneberg
Seat 6: Annette Obrestad

Table 13

Seat 1: Raymond Rahme
Seat 2: Antonio Casale
Seat 3: Chris Chronis
Seat 4: Joe Cassidy
Seat 5: Andrew Chen
Seat 6: Martin Comer

Table 14

Seat 1: Zachary Fellows
Seat 2: Peter Rho
Seat 3: Clonie Gowen
Seat 4: Sam Capra
Seat 5: Tom Pongrass
Seat 6: Stewart Scott

Table 15

Seat 1: Hoi Cheung
Seat 2: Leonid Cai
Seat 3: Jonathan Plens
Seat 4: Chris Fullwood
Seat 5: Michael Tureniec
Seat 6:Christian Heich

21st Jan
I get down to Walsall for around 7.05pm as they've got this super satellite for the GUKPT starting at 6.15pm

I have phoned in advance and it's gone ahead with 12 runners for the £30 rebuy for 2ooo chips.

I arrive and there's 15 of us and we are just at the end of the first level, we play the 2nd level. last three hands and the the add on's (double add on for 4000).

We are on 10 players for 30 minutes and have to play 5 handed hand for hand as Grosvenor only have 9 handed finals, even though there's only £890 in the pot so effectively just the 1 prize.

We make final table at 8.45pm and Lloyd gives the players a 5 minute break while he finds a dealer for the final table.

We are then called back to play at 8.50pm but then we are then informed at 8.55pm that there will be "last three hands" at 9pm then a chip count!!!!!!!!!!

The £895 was then divided 8 ways with me taking the lions share of £195.

When I queried with the managers why we had to go to a chip count they said it was a mistake. They didn't realize the comp only started around 6.30pm.




Well that sounds wierd.

i think that is i little unprofesional.

BTW, nice blog.

You are welcome to link to The http://pokerstarblog.blogspot.com/

Steve H. said...

Totally unprofessional by the management down at Walsall. They are usually so switched on.