on 17:10

5pm and I'm still in bed having got home around 6am this morning.

Bernard Litman took the GUKPT leg 1 Brighton down pocketing a nice little £70k, Not that he needs this money, Bernard is a successful business man, He is quiet, genuine and a nice man and thoroughly deserves this win.

I finished 8th in the £250+£25 I had a really sick hand when there was 11 left, I was on the button holding Ac 10c when UTG who had been shoving with any two cards pushed all in for 58k, Koresh who had lost most of his chips to me in the previous had pushed for his last 20k while I was sat there with around 125k, I called the two all in's, I'm in good shape with my A/10 v Q9 and J9 flop comes A77 turn comes a Q and a queen on the river after some else had said they folded a queen.

I make final table along with Micky Wernick and Ian Cox, Micky exits in 9th place, I then go out in 8th place after I raise UTG with 2 red sevens, same lad (seat 1) who rivered then QQ the re-raises me, not wanting to get him to the point where he's pot committed I re-raise all-in for 98000, seat 1 then goes into the think tank for around 2 minutes, counts his stack 3 times, he has around 240k by now having knocked Micky out with pocket 10s v 4s.. anyway the inevitable eventually happens and he makes the call AK clubs!!! (Why the dwell?) anyway board comes 2433 5 to give him the straight, worse thing was that he's now got over half the chips in play and I just knew he wouldn't win it. Ian cox was next out after me and the remaining players did a deal when they were 4 handed, the luckbox that knocked me out went out 4th.


Michael said...

IMHO I think the distinction here needs to be based on whether the comments are made in the present or future tense. If someone says I call after a bet has been made or announced that bet should be binding.

If he says something like I will call you that should not be binding.

I think table talk is an important part of poker and the likes of Roberto add a lot to the game. Stopping the table talk will remove a big skill factor from the game.

Steve H. said...

Jewsy is angle shooting here and is looking for a cheap flop.

Last hand before the first break and I'm on the button with AKh, folds round to the button (Jewsy), I say to him "come on mate, give us a walk - it's break time - you dont want to get involved". He says " I have a big hand here" then limps as does the small blind, the dealer enquires if there's to be any raise, I say " I am definitely raising but I dont know how much yet" and I look at the button, he says to me "I'll call you". I say to him "you calling me?" he answers "yes" I say "if I go all in - you call?" he says "I will call you".

He could have been sat here with aces and trapping me. I have stuck my chips over the line not knowing he is about to muck but under the assumpion that he is calling me.

If the rules are adhered to and you use words like "I may" or "I might" or "possibly" then you can not be forced to call.

Speech play at the table is crucial to the enjoyment of the game but doesnt mean that I have the right to verbal someone to stcking their chips in the middle by declaring that "I will call you" and then backing out when he shoves. This verbal rule works both ways.