on 12:34

Great win by the mighty Villa... How did the blue noses get on?

Grand Final day of the main event.

Thay have reached the final table and this is the line up:

James Sudworth -- 331k
Bernard Litman -- 194k
Ramsey Ajram -- 291.5k
Andreas Hoivold -- 268.5k
Matt Perrins -- 264.5k
Nicholas Holbrook -- 622k
Richard Lewidon -- 99k
Nathan Lee -- 159k
Keir Ratcliff -- 128k

My pick would be Andreas Hoivold although I'd like to see Bernie Litman go deep as my mate has a share of him.

It's day 2 of the £250 from last night and we are down to 17 runners out of the 102 starting pack. I am on 36625 (starting stack of 7k) with the ave at about 42k. Flushy who was massive chip leader with about 30 players left having over 120k at that time, shared all the chips all over the table and goes back today with just 31000 chips, (he still has the biggest stack though cause he's been collecting all the 100 + 25 chips)

There was an incident at the first break that I will go into in a separate post which involved a stupid rule that needs to changed as soon as possible.

Anyway, back to work now, see you later peeps ;-)


Dom said...

Good luck mate. Take it down and run good one time eh.


TEAMDOBB said...

gl and take it down m8
nice Litman result anyway