on 02:54

Played the £100 f/o early level I take a serious hit when I am bluffed out on the river. I'm holding 10d Jd on the bb blind 25/50, 4 limpers, sb (Chung) raises to 375, I call as does the button, flop comes Ac 10c 10s, sb bets 500/I raise to 1100 button/folds, sb calls, 7c on the turn, sb checks, I bet 1200/sb calls, 5c on the river sb bets out 1500 here leaving himself 650, I have 2200 behind me, aint got a clue where I was so folded the set, showing the 10 and telling Chung
that he'd just got lucky, he turns over pocket queens (no club) and say's I guessed you didn't have a club and knew you were good enough to lay the hand down!!! am I that bloody obvious?

I then work my stack back up to 15000 for the first break, passing AQ on a J high flop with the cut off betting into me, reflecting what had happened the last two comps at the break I decided to air some caution and pass before going bust on it.

At the start of level 4 we get a Chinese lad come to seat 10 in the BB 200/400 and there's 4 limpers back to him when he pot bets 2000 for the squeeze (I believe), I'm the only caller with 9 10d and the flops comes 10 3 3 rainbow, BB pot bets for 5200 leaving himself 3400, I put him on a big ace and re-popped him all-in, he calls in an instant turning over pocket aces (great read), no 9 or 10 for me and its a nice double up for Willie Tan junior.

I'm down to 8k when on my next bb there's 2 limpers and the sb (Chung) raises to 1100, I call with 10/J suited, 2 other callers, flop comes 10d 4d 7c sb bets out 4000 so I re-raise all in for another 2900, others fold round and chung goes into the think tank, he has 4300 left, 2900 to call into a pot of 15300, he's getting 5/1 and say's he has to make the call, I'm ok with his reasoning as I now know I'm ahead, he flips A4 off, ACE on turn, ACE on river, Ho-Hum.

I then go and rail my horse in the main event and I'm pleased with the stirling performance that he's producing, 45,500 going back into day 2 with the average at 43,519 and just 54 horses take to the field.

These are the chip counts of the 26 players left from day 1b
Player - Chips
Iwan Jones - 114775
Mohamed Muse - 109950
Andreas Hoivold - 108125
Nicholas Holbrook - 107250
Craig Bignall - 100450
Ian Woodley - 84000
Steve Jelinek - 52050
Mark Wilson - 51375
Richard Lewidon - 51125
Julian Thew - 46875
Paul King - 45500
Christopher Cousins - 44600
Kirit Patel - 40325
Jerome Oshea - 39775
Kerry Taylor - 38925
Warren Wooldridge - 34725
James Sudworth - 33150
Gary Cooper - 32925
Martyn Cavanagh - 32700
Nicky Lee Evans - 29725
Ewan Le Marquand - 24225
Alan Trueick - 21225
Panicos Ellinas - 19725
Simon Wickenden - 17825
Will Kassouf - 10125
Sami Yusuf - 9450
Iwan Jones overall chip leader going into day 2 (above)
I will be railing Paul today with the objective to get for Sunday's final table.
I will also be playing the £250 2 day freezeout that starts at 6pm with 7000 starting chips.
Aston Villa travel up to play the Black cats, while Man U have a tough test at Bolton, but the tie of the day has to be Blackburn v Newcastle. I fancy the Villa to win and Stoke to grab a draw down at the bridge allowing Villa to overtake Chelsea in 3rd place.
Off to bed now for a little shut eye before breakfast.