on 10:41

I played the £100 quite badly, limping in with kings, picking up 3 callers, 10 high flop, pot bet to get check raised and then getting re-raised all in on the 6h that came on the turn, culprit had pocket 7s and had caught the set on the flop, even if I had played this hand text book I would have gone broke as the player with the 7s had me covered 3/1 in chips and would have called any pre-flop raise.

108 runners in the main event yesterday while today looks like being sold out.

I played a sit and go late last night and swapped a 20% share with Paul King who got the seat when heads up, he held 25k when there was 32k in play, exchanging £275 for the seat so my share in the seat drops to 15%.

I was eliminated by Paul when I was on the bb with AK, there was a raise utg to 600 blinds at 100/200, paul pushes for 7k in the cut off, I push the rest of my 2800 in while the utg folds. Paul flips over pocket 10s, flop comes K Q 9 turn 10 river 7

Marc Goodwin continues with his form from last year and makes it back to day 2 on Saturday albeit a little short of chips - I'm sure that wont affect his play. Ian Fraser is my pick out of day 1a qualifiers whilst you can not ignore Tim & Pippa Flanders, Bernie Lipman, Pin up boy Ryan Fronda (who is massively overdue a big win), Dave Rudling and finally Mickey "The Worm" Wernick - who having parted from the Blue Square stable and is now running with the colours of "Badbeat" Channing on his back, It would be nice to see Mickey go deep in this event, setting himself up for the year to come.

Chip Counts from end of Day 1a.....

Dinh Doat Le...83,075
Ramsey Ajram....77,025
Bernard Litman...70,850
Priyan De Mel....60,425
Kjetil Naess...53,175
Jon Omara....49,050
Ian Frazer....48,750
James Fuller....48,300
Jack Powell....42,425
Nathan Lee....39,950
Keir Ratcliff....39,550
Mike Ellis....38,150
Cuong Tran....37,250
Matt Perrins....36,875
Steve Kirk....30,500
Micheal Greco....29,400
Dave Johnson....29,400
Andy Miles....29,250
Pippa Flanders....28,175
Ryan Fronda....26,575
Paul Lammas....23,950
Robert Winkworth....23,375
Dave Rudling....23,000
Danny Toffel....21,900
Mickey Wernick....20,625
Tim Flanders....20,075
Tony Philips....12,250
Marc Goodwin....10,325
Day 1 a chip leader pictured above.
I shall play this evenings £100 freezeout that will probably have a cap of 70 runners in it.