on 10:41

The main event of the GUKPT starts today day 1a and the numbers for the main event look like they will be down this year, although the side events have been well supported as at 2am last night there were just 40 runners for today and 60 for Friday, about 40% of these runners have qualified via on-line and live satellites. I think they will get around 100 runners each day, the main event is capped at 150 runners each day.

I will be playing the £100 freezeout tonight at 8pm which is capped at 50 runners, I have also brought into tomorrows nights £100 freezeout which is also capped, both events carry seats into the Champion of champions final with £100k in the pot at the end of the year. If I get a result tonight then I will still play the main event tomorrow.

Going for a game of snooker with Paul King, Craig Owen and John Deeley at 2pm hoping to clear my mind for tonights game.

14th Jan

I entered the sat at 2pm, 45 runners with 5 seats and £600 for 6th in the pot. I work my way through the field playing like a rock as I am desperate to make the seat, I ask the other 5 players when we are 6 handed if they want to stick the extra in to make the 6th seat up but the 2 chip leaders ain't really interested. I am on 38k with the ave at 47k blinds 3000/6000/200 I'm utg with A8d so I push all in, folds round to the sb who thinks for ever, if he makes the call and loses he'll be left short stacked on around 20k and I'll be on around 90k. He eventually calls with A7 off (strange call but I'm happy with it when we are on our backs) board comes down 64543 to give him the straight.

I then play the Rendezvous £100 freezeout (self deal) in the evening, 50 runners. Down to the last 21 when I am on the BB, limp utg, paul parker (button & dealer) limps sb limps and I find 7 4 spades, flop comes J 7 4 rainbow, check/ check/utg 3000/pp folds/sb 6000/ I then go all in for 16500 with the ave at 14300, I know that the utg has got an overpair but I'm worried that the sb may have a hidden set, utg calls for 14900 and the sb folds showing AJ saying that he knows he's behind. utg turns over AA, turn is a blank while the river comes a soul destroying Jack to counterfeit my two pair. I then push all in blind next hand on the SB and double up repeating the same feat on my button but fail to double up again when my A7 beats James Browning's A4 but comes up short against AQ.

I then get back down to the Grosvenor for the 11pm sup sat into the main event, I chuck a futher £100 into this but crash out with 7 left out of 22 runners and two seats in the pot.

13th Jan (eve)

£300 freezeout and it's a case of "deja vou", Last hand before the break (again) I'm on the bb and holding K 10 d, there's been a minimum raise(400) pre flop from mid position by the serial raiser - the sb calls as do I, flop comes Qd Ad Qh check/check/400/call/call 5d on the turn check/check/check 6 clubs on the river check/check/2900/fold/ and I totally get a misread here as I'm putting him on a big ace, I re-shove all in and it's an extra 4k for him to call, I get an instant decision and he flips pocket 5s (again) for the house. Paul King who I've got shares with gets onto final table but goes out 8th when he's pocket jacks runs into the chip leaders pocket kings.