on 11:06

138 runners + alternates made around 145 strong field for the £200 F/O

I have TK on my table and I play like kryptonite for the first hour or so, very last hand before the break (3 x 45 minute levels) I pick up AA on the Button, there's been a limp in seat 10 and this geezer is playing every pot, I'm in seat 1 and I don't want to lose my customer, blinds 75/150 I raise to 450, BB calls as does limper. 10c 5h 2c check / check and I bet 1200 bb folds and seat 10 shoves, I have the Ac so I've got a back door draw as well, I push my remaining 8k into the middle and walk into his pocket 5s, club on the turn but a blank on the river and my £200 is over.

£300 tonight and this looks likely to be a sell out.

£50 sat at 2 this afternoon for the main event so I'll have a pop at that.

Tomorrow night there is a £100 freezeout down at the Rendezvous if you don't fancy playing the Pl Omaha event at the Grosvenor.

Going round the town now with Paul King for a coffee and a chill.