on 15:59

Chilling out today before I head off to Brighton for the week tomorrow, Trying to qualify on the cheap for the Sunday Millions on Pokerstars and the $250k on the ipoker network.

10th Jan

Villa take all three points from this dinner time fixture against the Baggies on this cold and bitter Saturday, This win temporally lifts us into 3rd position.

I played down at Broadway in the £30 DC Freezeout.

168 runners created a pot of £5040 and pays down to 15th

I play quite tight all night and eventually bubble in 16th with the blinds at 4000/8000, I'm on the BB with another 30k behind me and the button pushes all in for 120k ish, I know he's got 2 over cards and my rational is not to go home with the £50 15th place but to win it, I call and he's AQ outflops my pocket 9s. I'm happy with my performance and my game.