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Been messing about today trying new gadgets and widgets out on my site but to be honest, theres that many out there now that its difficult to make a decision which ones to put on here, not wanting to stick to much crap an here and not knowing what my readers are actually looking for, perhaps you could leave a comment for me and give me an idea, it would be much appreciated.

If you've got a blog and haven't registered for the Pokerstars blogger championships then use the link above, takes about 3 minutes of your time and is well the value that they are putting into these championships, just under $100,000 in freerolls for bloggers, if your not in it then you cant win it. Starts on 15th December so hurry up.


Kevin Stevens said...

Think the blog could use some more detailed hand analysis from the bigger live games you play. Would definately like to see more of that.

I was supposed to interview Marcel Luske at DTD one night but he never turned up so I played the comp instead.

I had my notebook with me for the interview so made some intresting notes at the card room, and this got me into the habbit of taking a notebook with me to all live games. Otherwise by the time you get home you can't remeber a bloody thing. I enjoy the read just you asked for ideas so thats what I would like to see.

Steve H. said...

Hi kevin,
Thanks for your responce.
I do make mental notes and went through a period of posting hand play but tbh it just got me down as 95% of the time these were just bad beats rather than bad play by me and I was getting fed up of constantly reporting my bad beats although I do post the really sick beats and outrageously bad calls by some of the muppets i bump into now and again. got some new stuff lined up for the new year though mate, so watch this space ;-)