on 13:48

The Gala Casino British Poker Tour Grand Final

Blinds were rolled back to 4000/ 8000 with 800 ante for the final days play allowing the short stacks a little more play but at nearly 20,000 a round, the short-stacks felt under pressure to get a double-up, and it wasn’t long before Tran and Fletcher unfortunately fell.

The action never let up and after just two levels we were down to our final three of Alan Vinson, Rob Akery and Richard Haile. With a big payout and bonus seats secured, each player made plays for the chip-lead, with stacks yo-yoing, until Akery overcame Haile and we were heads up. An all-in immediately doubled Vinson’s stack and after just 30 minutes of intense heads up play we had a winner – and new Great British Poker Champion, Alan Vinson.

There is a winter festival that looks worth playing down in Brighton this week so I'm trying to get some money together to play it, although I know it's going to be as cold as the Artic down there.