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Gala Great British Poker Tour Grand Final Event: £500 Day Two

Players returned and play resumed at 6pm. As soon as the chip bags were opened battle commenced with a flurry of immediate action. The short stacks were keen to improve their standings and a ’no-guts no glory’ approach was taken. The result was a number of early eliminations with 11 players falling before the first break.

It was long past midnight before the final table was beckoned and chips were passed backwards and forwards as a long period of hand for hand took place. In the end two players were eliminated in the same hand to make a final of eight. Martyn Cavanagh was the runaway chip leader after maintaining his run of good form from yesterday.

First to exit the final was James Parslow, followed by Andrew Drago and Tom Cunningham. Most of the noise at the table was coming from anom - a favourite with the locals. But it was Tom Middleton who was quietly building his stack to over 400,000 to take the chip lead.

With five players left there was talk of a deal - although this was quickly dismissed and play carried on. The next player to fall was Richard Lewis, who made a stand against Middleton’s persistent blind stealing. Toms pocket 5s held up against Richards Q 10 and we were down to 4 players.

Middleton was soon in action again, this time using his A 10 to claim the scalp of the short stack Carl Williams. This put Tom in a commanding position with mountains of chips in front of him. It was a matter of moments before Tom also eliminated Martyn Cavanagh, leaving himself and anom heads up for the title.

It looked an unlikely task for anom as Middleton had her out-chipped by almost 10-1. However second hand anom moved all in with KJ suited and found herself in good shape when Tom called with K10 off. Basras hand held up and she doubled her stack, much to the delight of the Bristol crowd.

anom continued her aggressive stance, moving in every hand and picking up a number of small pots to chip away at Toms lead. In the end though it was one move too far anom moved all in with 6 7 and Tom immediately called with pocket 7s. The board offered no help and anom was eliminated in second position. Middleton takes home £22,150 for first place, along with his second GCBPT trophy this year when he won the £200 event at Edinburgh back in Feb.

Only 1 other player has won 2 Gala Poker Tour events having won them back to back, any ideas?
Today is Day 1A of the Main event down in Bristol while I will be traveling over to Luton to play in the Champs of Champs at the G casino, 92 runners and a £75k pot to play for. I am hoping to play in Day 1B tomorrow at Bristol as Andrea has already qualified and will be playing as well