on 12:24

Feeling pretty bunged up with this Man Flu at present so you can imagine the pain that I am in.

The mighty Villa take on Hull City away tonight, This is the team that all pundits said would be the whipping boys of the premiership at the start of the season, well before tonight's game they are already in 8th place, Villa need 1 point to climb back to 4th place and an away win will put us equal on points with Man United. There's a £10 super sat at Walsall tonight for the £220 Freeze out on New Years Day with £20k guaranteed, getting really fed up with on line poker and all the suck outs by the donkeys.

29th December
Went with Andrea and Edward to the Birmingham Hippodrome to see the Pantomime Robin Hood which if I wasn't suffering with this flu would have probably found funny. Christmas TV is so crap this year or perhaps it's just me getting older.

28th December
I play in the Sunday Warm up and the Sunday Millions on Pokerstars and I'm really starting to feel that you have to get your chips in with the worst hand to get any where on here, There are more donkey's on Pokerstars than on Blackpool pleasure beach.

27th December
Just chilled out today. Michelle and Crystal stayed over.

26th December
It was our family Christmas dinner today, Claire, Michelle, Crystal, James, Edward, Andrea's mom and dad. We have a great dinner superbly cooked by Andrea as it will be my turn tomorrow. We watch the Villa match against Arsenal at tea time and didn't we push them for the first 20 minutes or so, and just like poker and the run of play, the underdog hits!!! We deserved the draw that we got in the end. Arsenal on the other hand can give up any title aspirations that they may have had.

25th December
Christmas Day, Opened some pressies, had dinner then chilled out