on 17:06

If you managed to get down to Bridgenorth last night then your probably wondering why Mad Marty wasn't down there?, Well he is down in Bristol with Catherine courtesy of Matt Dale and poker.co.uk. He has just finished filming of the Premier League and tells me that JC Tran took it down. In the £100 freeze out, Catherine took an early exit and made for the Black jack tables while Marty battled on and was doing well up to around 35k at the dinner break. I on the other hand was card dead for long periods making the first break with 11k, the starting stack was 7500 I was on 14500 at the dinner break when the ave was 19000. I plod on to around level 12 with the blinds at 1k/2k and 100 ante when I have a collision in the SB holding JQc and the button bet 4500 after it passed round to him, I push and its another 8200 for the button to make the call, this will leave him with just 8k if he loses the call, He thinks for ages with his face screwed up he makes the call reluctantly and flips over K9 off, nothing comes to help me and I exit to the rails and the superb surroundings of this magic card room and locate Mad Marty, Catherine, Matt dale, Dan Carter, Pete Singleton and Royce Law and we all drown our sorrows over a few shorts which Marty kindly signed for in the name of Matt!!! 149 runners and a pot of £14,900 tonight.
Had a great breakfast about midday in the barge. Royce headed back to get some more sleep while I walked brekky off. I went into town, got rather depressed when I tried some jeans on that were too small round the waist so I'll go back the weekend and if the next size up don't fit then I think it will be a detox session.
I went to the pictures to see Four Christmases but cant tell you about it as I fell asleep for the first 40 minutes.
Today is the £500 event with 10k in chips and a 45 minute clock, this is a two day event so will probably play down to about 36 tonight and final table to tomorrow