on 22:15


I get some chips early in the comp thanks to DonChulio08 who calls my 6xbb raise (AQc), I hit a queen high flop and he flat calls my bets all the way with pocket 9s. He then gets involved with me again in another hand, calling my bets all the way to hit a middle pin on 5th street and agreeing with me that he is a fish as well as being a moppet. At the start of level 5 I am down to 3500, I go down to 3100 and then suck out against the fish that gets me back up to 6300. The first break sees me with 6180. I am cruising along quite nicely on 9500 with the ave at 10200 when I find pocket kings, we get it all in preflop and the above jpeg is the final result!!! No doubt Peggydee will not get much further pushing all her chips in to a re-raise with pocket 10s. I exit the Sunday Million pretty early when I push all in and donk No2 of the evening calls me with top pair – q kicker, flush, straight and full house on board!!!!

A big shout for teamdobb who finished a respectable 22nd and below is the final standings and the final table as it started. Well done to Happy Pixel who was the highest British finisher.


robinson47 said...

ul geezer it werent that bad pushing tens im sure youve done worse but i will try and take him out, every one is playing soo tight in this tournament apart frm him....

TEAMDOBB said...

cheers matey thanks for the mention and rail support. Was on me way on jollies in travelodge.
have a good crimbo and better 2009 for us all