on 16:53

Villa are just kicking off against West Ham, Three points would be very welcome here and I see no reason why we cant turn the hammers over. Broadway have their £30 Double chance tonight which normally sees around 90-100 runners.

19th December

Had to go over to Telford to sort some issues out on a central heating system which my mate Craig Owen from Kettering came over and is helping me resolve.
I played in the 8-game mix part of the blogger championships. I only played this game out of boredom cause I didnt even know how to play 2 of the games involved (6 seater tables). I find myself with Mick McCool to my right and I thought lovely (position on him) I survive for nearly 3 hours leaking chips in the games I know sweet fa about but doing ok around level chips. During the round of Limit Holdem and on my BB I have AA it folds round to mick on the sb and he raises, I reraise and he calls, flop Q84 he bets I reraise and mick calls, 5 on the turn and mick bets out, I ask him if he's got 45 and he says no, but I know he's caught a bigger hand than me so I just call, He bets the 2 on the river and I call to find him holding 85, so minimum damage really. I eventually crash out when I push all in in the NL Holdem chasing a flush draw that doesn't materialize.
Roll on the final on Sunday.