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559 runners for the 2nd event (NL Holdem) World Blogger Championship that started at mid-night, within 6 minutes I am down to the felt (200) from the 2500 starting stack after my straight on the turn (all-in) got bust by the flush draw on the river. I push all-in and double up four hands running and some how I'm back up to 4200. I make a seat at 3.20 am for the grand final on Sunday night at 8pm which will probably see around 450 qualifiers taking part. I crash out in 47th place just missing out on a steps ticket when I run my pocket 5's into LoganXL's AK board xxx x K!!!


Ukgatsby said...

Cheers mate, linked you up.

Re 3rd column blog. I was on the Rounders 3 but it changes a little when you update

To get 3rd column i followed guide on....


Steve H. said...

Thanks UK.
Good Luck on Sunday mate