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Tonight at 7pm is the pl Omaha qualifier on Pokerstars so I will be trying my best to win a seat for the grand final that takes place on December 21st.

I have to sort a load of stuff out on my laptop and then get it formatted as it is seriously affected with virus's, this could be down to me visiting some of the sites on Amatay's blog so cheers buddy.
Anybody going to Brighton for the January leg of the GUKPT 09 Tour or for any other tournament throughout the year and looking for accommodation can get the following POKER rates at the Amblecliff Hotel:
Single or Double en-suite's for sole use at £30
Twin en-suite at £60 (Jan/Feb/Oct/Nov/Dec)
Single £35
Double en-suite's for sole use at £55
Twins sleeping 2 at £70 (March - Oct)
Phone Elaine on 01273 681161 and ask for the POKER rates
All prices include a Freshly cooked breakfast each morning and a Parking permit for your stay.

14th December

My 10% in Stallion is looking a little suspect as he is going back into day 2 with just 20k with the ave at 49k 21 runners left. The game recommences at 6pm (bit late for a day 2) and he pinches the odd set of blinds to keep himself hoovering on the 20k mark, The levels have been cut back to 45 minutes so more pressure on the short stacks, Tony pushes all in 19k utg with 44 and runs into AK on the button who spikes an ace on the river and so finishes 14th just shy of the money, ul mate.

13th December

Day 1 of the main event (£250 freeze out) and only 52 runners turn up with a 20k starting stack and £2k added to the prizepool, I go down to the felt (6.5k) quite early on when I hit FH v higher FH and a set over set but get quite deep into the last level when on ave chips of 40k I bust out in the following 2 hands, 7 handed 400/800 I'm on the BB and the button pushes all in for 12k, I find AK suited in the hole, I call and run into J Q hearts and they catch a straight on the turn. Very next hand raise to 3k 2utg, folds to me JJ in the hole, I give some speech play an tell him that he's KQ AK is behind then I shove 28 effectively putting him all in (he has me covered by 3k) He flips AK, I stand up to which he says I'd sit down if I were you as I never win these races!!! xxx x K. Finished 23rd.

12th December


Just two runners in the £50 rebuy so myself and Stallion decide to have a heads up battle and after a little while I decide to give Tony the victory that will secure he's first poker trophy, We split the cash 50/50 then make our way down to the Marina to play in the £10 rebuy but neither of us do any good in this event.


Dom said...

Def good to catch up steve in brighton, hopefully cu there 4 the gukpt in jan!