on 10:38

Computer still playing up and is soooo slowwww, like being back on an old Amstrad, Will have to get it formatted when I get home.

74 runners in the £110 freezeout last night with some notables in the field including Dominic Kay, James (Flushy) Dempsey, Paul Parker, Dave Gallagher, I never got above ave chips all night and for the major part of the evening I was effectivly on the felt, I crashed out in 18th place with Paul Parker massive chip leader holding 85% chips in play. I stand around watching final till around 4am which is when Paul Parker bust out in 5th after failing to take his foot off the accelerator and making calls that he shouldn't have. I will post the full result later.

Today is the £50 rebuy, 3500 starting chips with a half hour clock, so I will allow myself 1 rebuy and 1 add on, any more and all the value will be gone, 7.30pm start.


Mick McCool said...

Any cash games going on of any note Steve!

Steve H. said...

Only flushy going all in every hand and putting you to the test. Turn out figures for the £50 rebuy and main event very poor as well. Must be the credit crunch..