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Brighton Grosvenor winter festival
Tonight is the £100+11 Freezeout with 10k in chips and a steady half hour clock. My computers playing up as it’s caught a cold and got a virus or two so updates may be very limited, I will also try and get some pics up tomorrow but as I’m on my dongle I cant make any promises.
Tomorrow (Friday) is a £50 rebuy with a 3500 starting stack
10th December
Stallion and me left home around 3pm + got down to the hotel for 7pm as arranged with the owner. We got checked in, got our parking permit then rushed to the casino for what we thought was a 7.30pm start which infact turned out to be a 8pm kick off. We manage to catch a great Italian meal at Bella Nostra just around the corner and make it back for the £20 super sat with 6 seats guaranteed with 20 runners for the £250+£25 main event taking place on Saturday, (2 day event with 20k starting stack). 23 runners turned up tonight and the overlay from the casino was around £350. I was card dead all night but still managed to do 3 rebuys and an add on to a grand total of £100 busting out quite early after the break and getting my name on a 10 seater sng, this turned out to be a 8 seater at £42 each with a seat for 1st and money back for 2nd. I manage to get heads up when my opponent admitted to me that he was slightly stoned and paranoid, I was holding a 3/1 chip advantage so I knew the seat was mine, it was just a case of waiting for a hand to catch him with.


Dom said...

Likely this 100 tonight will sell out steve? Presuming it's a half 7 start, think i'm 99 percent playing. See you there mate.


Steve H. said...

was good to see you mate ;-)