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Well if you've been asleep all day let me be the first to tell you that the bank of England have dropped the interest rates by a staggering 1.5%, so whats took them so long? and why now?.
My scepticism aside and if the mortgage companies pass the saving back to us then it might allow for a turkey this year instead of the pigeon that was on the cards.
The 888.com Poker Open V is now drawing to a close and all the semi finals have now been played with the final taking place tomorrow. the final now looks like this after the 3 semi's finished.
Prize structure for the semi's is the first two go through to the final and are guaranteed $20k apiece.... third gets $15k, fourth $12k, fifth $10k, sixth $8k, seventh $6k...

Semi Final One
1 Richard Berridge ($12k)
2 Miguel Guijarro ($10k)
3 James Akenhead (FINAL)
4 Craig Young (FINAL) (On-line qualifier)
5 Marc Goodwin ($15)
6 Rudolfo Ploeger ($8k)
7 Gez Bailey ($6k)
Semi Final Two
1) James Dempsey ($15k)
2) Ian Frazer ($12k)
3) Richard Wheatley (FINAL)
4) Josh Tyler ($10k)
5) Andrew Feldman ($6k) (last years winner)
6) Paul Zimbler (FINAL)
7) Andy Ward ($8k)
Semi Final Three
1) Mike Partridge (FINAL)
2) Max Winberg ($12k)
3) Michael Keiner (FINAL)
4) Bart Westeijn ($15k)
5) Larry Papadinis ($6k)
6) Achilleas Kallakis ($10k)
7) Tony G ($8k)


Tournament Winner: $250,000
Tournament Runner Up: $100,000
Third Place: $ 60,000
Fourth Place: $40,000
Fifth Place: $25,000
Sixth Place: $20,000

Action begins at 12 noon and you can catch the action live on the blog at Matchroom Sports

I(CFVA) play the $8.5k DS freeze out at midnight $30 with 276 runners I have a 3/1 chip lead heads up when the following hand happens, 12 hands later they give him pocket aces and I finish 2nd for $1300 being $1k less than the winner..