on 20:52

Well the gas board turned up at 5.45pm and went for around 6.30pm, what a waste of an afternoon, then I log online with ipoker and try to build my bank roll up on the multi table tourneys, $50 freeze out GUKPT grand final satelite 2 seats and money back for 5th with just 16 runners and I bust out in 14th on a nut flush draw on the flop and I get called with top pair - shit kicker which holds up. I then play the $50k guaranteed $50 rebuy 363 runners and I donk my chips in with A 10 suited to a raise and a reraise, AA and 10 10 and I exit 293rd, next is the $10k guaranteed for $10 f/o with 909 starters and I exit in 332nd with AK on a k78 board and I walk into pocket 7s. I then enter the $600 freeroll on boylepoker with 114 other cheapskates looking for some free dollar but unable to lay a hand down, I bust out 41st with pocket 8s flop: 7 9 10 pot bet, call and I shove all in 6x pot and got called by K 10 for his tourney. I then settle down to the $35k $10 rebuy 1131 runners and at the break I am 11th without any rebuys so I do the add on, at the 2nd break I'm on 32k and in 38th place with 262 runners remaining. On the 3rd break I'm on 50k with 108 remaining, blinds at 5/10k and I'm on the sb with QQ and theres a raise to 23k in mid position so I repop him all in pre flop, he's got me covered and he calls with A9, A on the flop and its chow baby for $105. I enter the 9.30pm $100+$9 $12.5k DSFO with 135 runners and I raise on the button to 450 with 3 limpers blinds 30/60 (KJd) flop comes JJ9 check to me so I bet 1200 with 2 callers, K on the turn giving me the house, checks to me so I bet 2400 with 2 callers, A on the river and sb pushes all in for 4k and has me covered, other player goes all in and he has me covered to, I call with the boat and sb has AJ for the bigger house while the other call had the nut flush (I knew in my head that one of them had the AJ but I couldnt lay down the KJ). I then play in a $40 F/O for a seat in sundays $250k there are 11 runners 1 seat and money back for 4th place which is where I finish. Finally I play the $8500 DS F/O for $30 with 267 runners, at the first break I have 4k with 133 left in the mix,
I crash out a rew hands after the break when I push on the BB with JJ to a 3xbb raise in mid position, he calls and he has KK.
The rest of the 888.com Poker Open V heats played out today, here are the results:
Heat 13
1) Jose Vaughan
2) Ben Roberts
3) Christoph Haller
4) Max Winberg
5) Israel Yadao
6) Jakob Terkelsen r/u
Heat 14
1) Barry Hearn
2) Barny Boatman
3) Tony G
4) Shane Warne r/u
5) Riccardo Battistini
6) Remko van der Plas
Heat 15
1) Marty Smyth
2) Peter Eeles
3) Jeff Fenech
4) Bart Wetsteijn
5) Larry Papadinis r/u
6) Andy Black
Heat 16
1) John Kalmar
2) Luke Patten
3) Achilleas Kallakis
4) Leo Thompson
5) Markus Golser r/u
6) Donnacha O Dea
Heat 17
1) Michael Keiner
2) David Saab
3) Roberto Romanello
4) Liam Flood r/u
5) Roy Brindley
6) Gary Medwell
Heat 18
1) Juha Helppi r/u
2) Jack Hinchey
3) Mike Partridge
4) Padraig Parkinson
5) Teddy Sheringham
6) Dixie
Turbo Heat 3
1) Larry Papadinis
2) Jakob Terkelson
3) Juha Helppi
4) Shane Warne
5) Liam Flood
6) Markus Golser