on 10:47

Well if I'd have followed my instincts 5 years ago I would have made a nice tidy sum this morning with Barack Obama winning the race to become the next president and the first black president of the USA. Martin Luther King had this dream back in 1960 and the vision is now reality and the 16/1 shot 4 years ago takes office at the end of January 2009. I'm not a politician and I know jack shit about politics esp American politics but if this appointment means that there will be more yanks at the on-line poker dinner table then the sooner the better.

I played several games on the ipoker and Gala networks last night cashing in 4/10 games and today I am back over in Telford for the gasboard who are coming 'pm' to do a gas service check, their 'pm' is between 1 and 7pm, so helpful.

Bonfire night tonight so keep them pets indoors and watch out for stray rockets.