on 12:34

Came 14th last night in the $20k guaranteed on ipoker 295 runners. crashing out with KQs and hitting the 2nd nut flush on a flop of 872s I get all the chips in on the flop and get called by As8h and a 4 spades comes on the river.
Aston Villa go up to St James Park, Newcastle United and wether the pitch was wet or something but they slipped up badly, Martins played out of his skin (if only Newcastle had 11 other players like him) and Joey "badboy" Barton still looks like a libility to have on the pitch and could explode any day now. Good luck to Newcastle and I hope this win gives them the momentum to progress up the league where they should be.

Not a lot going on at the moment as the bankroll is confining me to on-line poker and I'm not really certain how long I can keep that up for, still - the new year is just 8 weeks away now.


cashbiatch said...

Hi Steve

did you have to remind me the New Year was only 8 weeks away? I can cope wit that - it's Xmas being 6 weeks away that worries me! Hope u both well, are u coming up 2 Blackpool? we're playing a couple of side events plus the sats for the main one.
If you're staying for a couple of days let me or colin know if you need a bed.