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Tonight on Blue Sq is the Gambling Online Magazine freeroll at 9pm and the password for this event is “SHARKS”

2nd November
I cashed in 4th place in the ipoker $30k guaranteed (Sunday Night) 288 runners, whilst I had a few friends on final table over at DTD
Billy Ngo
Jason Wong
Antonio Dicesare (The Stallion)
Garinder Purewal (Gazza)
Alan Stearn

DTD have now allowed verbal deals rather than just chip counts, The Stallion and Alan Stearn chop it for £7k each with Alan getting the title.

1st November

Meanwhile down at Walsall the final table in the Grosvenor Grand Prix consisted of 5 local players but the title went to Ash Hussain who’s brother Zippy won it two years ago, Just 57 runners with it paying down to 45th will surely see this event scrapped off the event calendar next year. I went out in 45th place raising pre-flop with Ajs and hitting 2 pair on the flop and getting called on every street in order for my opponent to put a big bet in on the river when he hit his flush and he showed me K 10 hearts for the flush but could hardly explain his call pre-flop except to say “it’s pot limit Steve”, nice one Mr Chouldrey, I hit the rails 2 hands later when my pocket 5s are no match for 8 10 off pre-flop with a 10 on the turn.

Arshad Hussain (England)

Ash Ahmed (England)

Tony Harman (England)

Adam Clarke (England)

James Morgan (England)

Peter Seager (England)

Derek Miller (England)

Martin Cheese (England)

Neil Saunders (England)

Still waiting for the results from Star City Stanley Casino’s £100,000 guaranteed to get posted.

The second semi final table is now complete for the 888.com Poker Open V 2008 and these are the winners from their respective heats:

Heat 7
Alessandro Pastura
Pedro Marques
Eddie Hearn
Ian Frazer
Jan Peter Jachtmann
Mick Ryan r/u

Heat 8
Ray Parlour, r/u
Nik Persaud,
John Tabatabai,
Richard Wheatley
Mark Lee
Francesco Zandegiacomo...

Heat 9
Dave Johnson
Surinder Sunar
Andy Ward
Henrick Lundstrom
Josh Tyler r/u
Alex Secklemann

Heat 10
John Askey
Andy Greekfish
John Magill
Dale Hoy
Kimmo Louhelainen r/u
Paul Zimbler

Heat 11
Sammy "any two" George
James Dempsey
Guillermo Silvestris
Richard Ashby r/u
Matt Wilson
Ricardo Bozicevich

Heat 12
Tony Bloom
Andrew Feldman
Nelson Chain
Guillermo Castagnino
Trevor Reardon
Simon Zach r/u

Turbo Heat Two
Mick Ryan
Ray Parlour
Simon Zach
Kimmo Louhelainen
Richard Ashby
Josh Tyler winner