on 15:03

Internet poker is so shite at the moment, I played in the last chance on Gala last night $150 (so many new players I hadn’t seen before) I struggle up and down all night as the Internet on the blink, I finally get on around half 8, then I lose connection about 8.50 back on at 9.05 manage to get enough chips back to make the final table. I’ve got around 2800 chips in the SB and holding pocket kings when it’s passed round to the button who pushes all in for around 2950 with A2 off, It’s an instant call from me, then the board came ### # ACE!!!, bullllssshhhhiiitttt worse to come was this player went on to make more stupid moves and still made the seat, so we know for sure that there will be at least 1 muppet at the Grand Final next week.

I played in the £30 deepstack freeze out down at Walsall in the afternoon along with 39 other runners creating a pot of £1170 paying first 4 spots, I keep out of trouble on my way to final table, getting lucky once on a sb/bb encounter when I called his all in with Q8s and he’s holding Q9 and I catch the 8 on the turn ( I did have at least 8 x his stack so it wasnt that much of a donk call). Final table when someone suggests a deal when there’s 8 left, he was short stacked so I said No, we get to 5 handed and we’re all about even in chips so I broker a deal where everyone gets £150 and leaves £420 on top for 1st place, everyone agrees. I lose a couple of rounds of blinds and bluff a few pots till I am 2nd in chips 90k when I push all in from the cut off with two black 6s blinds 4/8k, the button then insta shoves 75k and says to me “unlucky mate” and flashes me he’s pocket aces, everyone else folds and I hit a 6 on the flop and it’s enough to eliminate him. Paul Joslin (Mr 101) gets bust by me in 3rd spot and I get heads up again (2nd time in 8 days) with Charlie Charalambous and we do a chop/chop for £350 each leaving the valet £20 and paying Stallion his 10% that we have with each other gives me £320 so a good afternoons work.

The £100 side event down in Bristol is now effectively SOLD OUT and there are still some seats available for the £500 remaining at this stage. The main event £1500 has seats available for both days at this present moment and you can still qualify on Gala for this event in their last chance finals that are being held on Saturday and Sunday at $150 each and 2 seats guaranteed on both of them, There will also be live super satellites in Bristol on Sunday evening @ 8pm this will be a £100 rebuy and on Wednesday evening at 8pm £50 rebuy with 2 seats guaranteed, so no excuses.