on 15:09

Finished 5th in the freezeout down at Walsall in the afternoon comp picking up £100 which I invested in the £50 with 1 rebuy/add-on at Gala Birmingham for a guaranteed seat for the grand final down Bristol.

18 runners turned up for this event with no easy chips as Mark Orlowski (Steven Segal look-alike) Tony “De Stallion” Decesera, Mad Turk, Andy Probyn, Tim Slater, locals there including Micky Punn who finished 4th for £10k in the final table at Bristol earlier in the year when Neil Batchley won . There was terrific value here as Gala decided that there would be a Main event seat £1600 and a £500 side event seat and £100 each expenses for the two winners.

The Mad Turk was he’s normal aggressive self and was eliminated in first spot which I was grateful for as I had also played aggressively and come off second best on at least 3 occasions, I was clinging on to my few remaining chips as I didn’t want to be the first out, so thanks Turk.

Big Jon said that he would deal once we were down to 1 table as the casino were still running their normal comp and had no available dealers, I volunteered to deal as did De Stallion to which we were told shortly after the start that it was a casino policy to give the dealers a meal (what a bonus), you don’t get anything for dealing down at Walsall so this was a really nice gesture also given that the food is top notch as well really added to the value. Big thanks to big Jon and to Andy Miller (Manager) for making my self and all the lads from Walsall feel comfortable and at home. This was the 3rd time I had gone there for a game and only the first time I had actually played due to internal problems which all seem to be sorted out now, if the lads that run the card room can keep up this warm atmosphere and courtesy with great friendly staff with smiling faces then I’m sure that future satellites will be sell outs.

I wont discuss my hands as I didn’t get to play too many but I want to tell you about two hands that Mark Orlowski was involved that was making me piss myself with laughter at what happened and his reaction (which was a over reaction) to the outcome.

Hand 1: mark is BB, we are 8 handed with the blinds at 50/100, there are 5 limpers to the BB when he makes it an extra 600 (pot) to go, utg calls as do all but 1 player (Chinese lad in seat 1 who was 4th to act was getting 5/1 to make the call) flop comes down 6 9 8 all clubs, Mark bet 700 into a 3100 pot every one folds to seat 1 and he flat calls, Jh on the turn and Mark bets out 1200 here to which S1 does some hollywood then flat calls, 5d on the river and Mark bets out 1200 and S1 min raise’s him, mark enquires “how much you playing mate” another 925 is the answer and mark put him all in to which he snapped called, Mark says I got the nut flush turning over AQ clubs and S1 says “I got a straight flush” flipping over 5 7 clubs, Mark then leaves the card room to have a fag and calm down but comes back really irritated and lets the player know that’s he’s on tilt by sitting there repeatedly berating him, which I just cant condone – sorry. At the break I say to mark that S1 had every right to be in the hand as he was getting the odds pre flop to call and it was he's own fault as he hadn’t raised it up enough with the AQ, I also said that you shouldn’t berate him at the table as you want him in the pots if he’s a fish…

Hand 2: After the break and in the middle of level 4, S1 is the SB with the blinds at 200/400 and utg S3 makes it 1100 Mark in S5 flat calls as do S6 S7 SB and BB
Flop comes down K 10 8 rainbow, SB bets out 400 S2 S3 call mark in S5 makes it 1200 to go, S1 S3 call 7 on the turn and S1 bets out 400 S3 calls and Mark moves all in for 2200, S1 calls the 1800 as does S3, 9 on the river and S1 moves all in putting S3 all in to call and he folds AK after a short dwell, Mark turns over pocket 10s for the set and S1 turns over JQ for the straight, Mark loses it at this point and doesn’t do himself any favours with the verbal he gives to this poor fish in S1 who caught the straight on the river. `If only Mark had moved all in for 4500 pre flop when S3 had raised to 1100 the action would have folded back to seat 3 who tells me he would have called Marks bet with the AK and mark would have been up to 9600. Worse to come was that the Chinese lad in S1 who had clearly got in marks head went on to get 2nd and said he was glad he didn’t win as he couldn’t play the main event anyway!!!! Mark was obviously left talking to himself as he was driving home as he sent Tim a message about S1 which left all the Walsall lads who know Mark pissing themselves, Message to mark is; CHILL OUT MUCKER!!!

Micky Punn went on to win the seat so lets hope he can emulate his final table appearance at the Grand final.

There is a deep stack down at Walsall this afternoon and a last chance on Gala tonight for 2 seats guaranteed.