on 12:49

I've promised to do a photo shoot to promote the Gala Grand Final down in Bristol 1st - 8th December and so I am heading over to Gala Birmingham this afternoon to do the shoot and they (Birmingham Post and Mail) also want to do some filming. The scene that they want to create is of a rocky style poker player ready for challenge so they have asked me to take some of my boxing stuff with me for the photo's so I've no idea how much of a knob I'm going to be portrayed as or how much stick I could get from this, but hey, they say all publicity is good publicity (dont they?). Tonight is another last chance with 2 seats for the Main event up for grabs on Gala ($150 freezeout).


NoCash said...

lol. posting pictures is a must imo.

Steve H. said...

As soon as I can mate I will get some up for you. ;-)