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Today I'm off over to Telford to do some maintenance work on one of the properties that I've just let out. Tonight has the Black Horse pub in Bridgenorth hosting satellites for the PartyPoker European Open to be filmed at the end of January, there is also the £15 rebuy down at Walsall with at least £2,500 guaranteed and at Broadway they are running a £15 rebuy sup sat for the £150 Freezeout that they have got this Thursday evening which normally gets around 70 runners and about £10k in the pot. There is also the freeroll on Betfred tonight but I aint giving out the password as I pissed of a couple off people last time I gave out the passwords so if you need it then text me.

23rd November
I play a few games on line but am becoming more and more anti it the more I play on-line, I have often thought as a lot of people do when you play on-line that the software favours the newer players and that the software can elect a winner of a tournament before the first card is delivered, but we put that thought to the back of our heads as you have to if you seriously want to play on-line. This hand has stayed with me for a few days now, I'm deep in the $150k guaranteed and we're 5 short of the money and I'm around 14th in chips when on the BB blinds 400/800 and I have 42,000, raise to 2400 in mid position and he's got 46,000 folds to me and I have two red kings, do I flat call or re-raise? If I re-raise am I prepared to call an all in if he re-shoves me? No, so I elect to flat call and if an ace comes on the flop then I can get away quite cheaply, flop comes K J 4 rainbow, I bet the half the pot 2600 and he makes it 7000 so I ponder the reraise, see no danger and I elect to flat call, a 2 of diamonds hits on the turn now putting 2 diamonds on board, I got it into my head that he's got pocket aces or pocket jacks and I figure he's going to re-raise whatever bet I make here so I fire our a bet of 2600 and he re pops me to 7000, I re-raise him all in here and its 24,500 for him to call me and its basically his tourney, he calls in an instant and I am left looking at his hole cards Ace 10 off and no diamonds, He's called me for a middle pin queen and duly got paid for his great call when the queen fell on 5th street. This was a $100 rebuy comp so I didnt think that there would be too many divvys at this level of buy-in.

I played in the £50 triple chance freezeout down at Walsall tonight 15k in chips with a 20 min clock after the first 2 half hour levels. 73 runners and I make it down to the last 15 (7 paid) when I get it all in with QQ v AK and he hits a magical flop of K7K and no Q on the turn or river and I rail off to the bar

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