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Not much to report on from the weekend really. I played in the £30 DC F/O down at the Broadway on Saturday night and they got 130 runners for this. I was sat next to Steve Jelinek who had just flown back in from Amsterdam after finishing 8th for around 40k euro's. I play a tight game for around 4 hours and after being card dead for so long I push my last 5k in with AQ to a raise and a reraise, K 7 and AK and I come third best. I played in the $250 on Sunday evening on the ipoker network and just like last week, first hand and I flop 2 pair after a raise and a reraise I push all in fearing that my opponent is on a draw and sure enough he is, he calls, and he duly hits. Tonight I am going down to Bridgenorth to Mad Marty's and Spivvers as they are running satellites for the Party Poker European open to be filmed in February, see if I can get in there on the cheap.


Kevin Stevens said...

Do you still get chicken and chips at the interval? I used to love the Saturday night games at the Broadway. Such a great casino, great dealers and good structures. Really miss it now im living in the southwest, all we get down here are 2K starting stack and 20 minute blinds with not as much as a whiff of a chicken nugget!

bigslick said...
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Steve H. said...

Hi Kevin,
I think Chicken Joe still suppies the chicken and they still do the free buffet but imo I think it's pretty crap food, however - the restaurant there is second to none and is not that expensive either. Hope to see you up here soon Kev