on 13:32

Finally got my car through the mot cost £117 total ..... Peugeot wanted £830 + vat now who's taking the piss and whats more the mot is kosha, I've had my car serviced by Peugeot for the last 4 years, always paying over the top but if it's within reason you don't mind when it's the manufacturer, do you? but when they gave me the quote for the mot and this was on top of paying £145 for a service and a mot inspection, Well I think you can safely say "they seen the last of me".

Blackpool main event starts today and I ain't got a seat so I will have to find stuff less boring to do, however if you are playing then "the very best of British to you - and don't forget my 10%"

I've got stuff to sort in Telford today and tonight I will be online.


Anonymous said...

Thats a bit of a result as well mate. About time your luck changed for your live play.