on 03:19

Having just finished 6th in the $30k GP double stack freeze out for $1500 I wait for payment to go into my account, ipoker tourneys normally pay straight into your account even as the tournament progresses, a little like cashing in a live tourney where you get paid as soon as you get eliminated, anyway.... I dont get paid and I notice as people are dropping out that I'm not in the placed list although there is a space for 6th spot where I (CFVA) should be. We get to the end of the comp and I still aint been paid so it's a quick call to Boylepoker and Stephen there tells me he'll get ipoker to sort it??? has anyone else had this problem before?

Blackpool GUKPT starts today but without winning a seat in the satellites then I wont be going up there, Good luck to all you dudes who venture up there (take your rain coat with you).

9th November

What a fantastic result for Joe Calzaghe over Roy Jones Jnr In New York in the early hours of this morning. Joe, often underrated over the last 15 years or so proved to the boxing world last night that he is one of the true greats, I'm sure because of the money involved that there will be a return now at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff possibly in the summer, it will be a sell out with 50,000 Welsh supporters giving it everything to say farewell to the biggest sporting icon ever to come out of Wales

We go for a Sunday dinner with Claire in Wolverhampton and then go to the pictures to see the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace courtesy of McDonalds 2 for 1 offer, This is a follow up to the Casino Royal Film but doesn't quite come up to scratch, I then come home and catch the Villa match and get thoroughly depressed after we chuck it away in the last two minutes of the game. I then log on and play a few sng's and mtt's on ipoker.

8th November
Andrea qualified for the Sky Poker tournament down at the Broadway casino this afternoon so I go and rail her, 140 runners start with 5k in chips and 30 minute levels. Norman Pace is unfortunately one of the first sky celebrities to bite the dust so I put my name on a sit and go but get bust out in 5th place pushing with a total bluff, Norman was chip leader in the sit and go for quite some time but did a three way chop when the buffet was announced. Andrea went out with 5 tables left.

We tried to make it home in time for the satellite on Gala for the grand final as there was so much added value but with all the wind and rain there had been a couple of accidents on the motorway and we missed the start and so went to the pictures to see Eagle Eye, A film about big brother taking control, a good fast action packed thriller with loads of gun action and car chases and crashes.