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Germany's Soraya Homam bested the field of players in the Party Poker Women's World Open II to take home the title and a first place prize of $50,000. Some of the top female poker players in the world competed in the tourney for their share of the $108,000 prize pool.
There were 36 participants in total, including: Erica Schoenberg, Jen Mason, Late Night Poker finalist Maria Demetriou, Xuyen "Bad Girl" Pham, former PartyPoker World Open winner Pippa Flanders, former European Ladies champion Jackie Meecham, Katharine Hartree, Stefanie Bergener, Mel Lofthouse, Netherland's Maud Mulder, Michelle Orpe, Cheryl Baker, Shelley Rubenstein, Christine Klecz and comedienne Lucy Porter. Last year's Women's World Open I champion, Bev Pace, was also there to defend her title.

The standings after play ended were:
1. Soraya Homam (Germany) $50,000
2. Stefanie Bergener (Germany) $22,000
3. Maria Maceiras AKA "May!" (Vigo, Spain) $14,000
4. Eliza Burnett (London, UK) $10,000
5 Michelle Orpe (UK) $7,000
6. Kyla Kalmer (UK) $5,000

Well today I'm heading into Wolverhampton for dinner and possibly playing the afternoon game down at Walsall.


7th October
Played some on-line poker today but had a bad run, I had to go over to Telford Via Walsall Casino for the afternoon comp which had a brilliant turnout of 13 runners and it was supposed to be a £20 with 1 re-buy or 1 add on, but due to the low numbers Danny with the agreement of the players made it a £40 freezeout with 5K in starting chips, 3 prizes of £85 £155 and £285. I get one real hand when on the sb with the blinds at 100/200 there is an UTG (Charlie, a proper tight player who is chip leader at the time) raise to 500 on a 6 handed table, I find 5d 6d in the hole so I pay the extra 400 to see the flop and smack bang wallop I hit it square on, 3d 4c 7c and I check to charlie, he makes it 800 to go, just in case he's flushing I make it 1600 to which he flat calls, 8d on the turn and I fire out a bet of 1200 leaving myself 1400 behind, Charlie makes the call and a 9h comes on the river to which I push all in and Charlie reluctantly makes the call and tells me he's got an overpair and I show the straight and scoop the pot for 9600 and I never look back really, I get heads up with charlie who has about 4k more than me so I steal around of blinds and then ask if he wants to chop for £220 each to which he is happy to do so. Walsall is such a depressing place and is long overdue a refit to make it a G Casino which needs to happen sooner rather than later.

6th October
It's the last satellite down at Bridgenorth for the 888 World Open with the final eliminator taking place next week, The filming starts at the end of this month with the final on 7th November

5th October
Tonight is the Talksport on-line final on Gala that I was hoping to qualify for but just couldn't get going in the 4 freerolls into this event. The Live final takes place on Tuesday October 14th in London I believe. I cash for the 4th week running in the $250 guaranteed on i-poker. Going out when I decide to push my KQ into AQ with enough chips in front of me to have survived at least another 1/2 hour but got possessive on my bb to continuous raise's on the button.

4th October
I headed down to Luton to play in the APAT Pro-am. I book into Brookes hotel and I hoping to make it back to day two when I am crippled quite early on when I flop 2 pair after I raised on the button with AJ (bbx6) and the bb called KJA on the flop Check/bet 1200/call and a Q on the turn check/bet 2400/call and a 4 on the river and the bb leads out 3600 to which I flat call and he flips A 10 for the straight and I'm down to 2500. I make the dinner break on 6k but the flop two pair first hand back after the break, I bet and get re-raised so I push and get called with a straight draw, he hits on the river and I have an early exit and play on line in my room. Paul King makes final table and cashes in 7th after going card dead on final table and pushes his AK (sb) into KK (button). Neil Blatchley takes this down to add to his impressive last 3 months toil.