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......... HAPPY HALLOWEEN......
Today is day one of the Grosvenor Grand Prix main event and if your lucky enough to have qualified then your almost in the money already as it pays down to 45 with only 53 qualifiers in the mix, First prize this year is around £23000 with around £70k in the pot. Marcus Bebb Jones won this event last year and 216 runners had qualified with Marcus picking up a staggering £90,000 first prize out of the £300,000 Guaranteed pot, I think the overlay from Blue Sq last year was about £40,000 so they took out the guarantee this year and made it a £25,000 added tournament with the satellites at £50 rebuy a time instead of the £100 that is was last year. I wouldn't mind having an even money punt that this event wont be on the Blue Sq calender next year.

30th October
I came 2nd in my heat 6 of the 888.com Poker Open V, in my heat were Seat 1 Elmar Dirnberger, Seat 2 Miguel Guijarro, Seat 3 Me, Seat 4 Roland De Wolfe, Seat 5 Stuart Rutter, Seat Thomas Brdaric

Miguel in seat two was getting all the cards and was also hitting when he needed to, usually on the river, first to exit was Roland who had only played one hand at this point and we're on the last hand of the first level when Thomas QsJs limps, Miguel calls with Kc10c, call from me with As8s, roland with 7dKd...flop comes 8d10dKs... 5k from miguel, I call, Roland raises to 15k, Thomas folds, Miguel raises to 35k, I pass, Roland calls... 9d on the turn... Roland bets 20k, Miguel all-in and Roland instacalls...Kh on the river gives Miguel the full-house... AND ROLAND DE WOLFE IS RIVERED AND IS THE FIRST PLAYER OUT OF HEAT SIX OF THE 888 POKER OPEN V...

chip count : 211k Miguel, 164k Elmar, Me 89k, Stu Rutter 78k, Thomas 58k

Three-way action and I (button limp)have 6h7d, 5s2s for rutter sb, 8c9h for thomas bb...thomas bets 12k on the 876 flop, reraise up to 25k from me and thomas is all-in, I insta call... 7c on the turn, we shake hands - what about the 8 shouts Jesse... 8d on the river...!!!! I am crippled by the river and down to 65k, Very next hand and it looks like I'm on tilt when I raise with AsQc, Ac7s for elmar who calls... 3sAhKs... I bet 22k, elmar calls... turn is 5s... checked, 2d river... check from me, elmar bets 25k, all-in from me and elmar calls... and I'm back up to 130k

Elmar was the next to exit who was followed by Stu Rutter who had a sick exit when hitting a set of kings on the turn of K J 10 K he is called by Miguel who is holding A7 and the river brings a Q!!! Thomas is the next to get outdrawn by Miguel when it's all in pre flop and Thomas is holding AQ v Miguel's KJ a jack on the flop with no saviour coming for Thomas Brdaric - ex Bayer Leverkusen and German footballer and I'm heads up but Miguel had 475k while I'm well behind on just 125k, I steal a couple of blinds at the 10k/20k level and I finally get bust when I push on the sb with K3 v 44 a flop of 88j gives me extra outs as does the 9 on the turn but no miracle card on the river and I am resigned to the turbo heat.

In the turbo heat was the runners up from heats 1-6 and included Willie Thorne, Mushtaq Ahmed, Dennis Taylor (couldn't make it back), Richard Berridge and Paul Grummitt who I have played against several times down at Bridgenorth. I sit tight just playing premium hands and eventually get heads up with Richard when on the very first hand with the blinds at 15k/30 it's my BB and I have 11ok v 390k of Richards, he pushes from the sb with 55 and I find AKd so it's a no brainer for me and if I win this 50/50 I'm back on even terms and in with a shout. as it is the 5s hold up and I finish runner up twice in one day but this time there's no consolation prize.

So the first Semi Final will be made up of the winners from these heats :

Heat One
Mohammed Al Aboud
Craig Burgess
Willie Thorne
Craig Young
Mike Ellis
Thomas Bell

Heat Two
Mushtaq Ahmed Ramzan
Dave Cook
Kieran O'Neill
Marc Goodwin
Gordon Williamson
Mick McCool

Heat Three
Dennis Taylor
Ville Hiltunen
Daniel Rudd
Nathan Lee
Gez Bailey
Neil Channing

Heat Four
Richard Berridge
Didier Dekens
Karl Mahrenholz
Rodolfo Ploeger
Anu Sareen
Rob Cooper

Heat Five
Paul Grummitt
Ciaran O'Leary
Dimi Mascarenhas
James Akenhead
Luke Abolins
Wilhelm Breuer

Heat Six
Elmar Dirnberger
Miguel Guijarro
Steve Holden
Roland De Wolfe
Stuart Rutter
Thomas Brdaric

Turbo Heat 1
Richard Berridge won


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unlucky Steve, wp

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Nice to see you yesterday Steve. Hopefully run into you again in Blackpool