on 16:38

I am just leaving home now heading down to London for my 888.com heat that's being recorded tomorrow morning, win the heat and I'm back for the semi final to be filmed on Wednesday 5th November with the final being filmed on Friday 7th November, if I finish as runner up in my heat then I'm back in the afternoon for the turbo heat. I would like to make the semi without the need for a turbo but know that I'll have to be on the top of my game and for lady luck to be with me for this to happen. I am looking forward to this as it will be the first time myself and Stuart Rutter will be on the same table since our heads up battle on the final table of the GBPT final table in Nottingham last year when my AQ spiked a queen on the flop against his 10 10 all in pre flop push. I have played against Roland de Wolfe a couple of times now and the last time was in Cardiff last year in the GUKPT and he was glad to get moved off my table as he was to my right and I absolutely spanked his bum, re-raising him at every opportunity, I for one wont be afraid of that big bad wolf. Mick McCool has phoned to wish me luck and tell me that he exited in 5th place having his K 10 spiked by a dominated 10 9. Richard Berridge meanwhile had 500k v 100k against an internet qualifer heads up in his round and the internet player turned the table on Richard and now he must attempt to go through via the turbo's, Goes to show that even with 80% of the chips in play with this structured the way it is - nothing can be taken for granted. I have learnt my lesson from my first TV show and I will not be making it cheap for the fish to catch up with me if I feel that I'm ahead.

28th October

I play in the £100 freezeout down at Walall part of the Grand Prix Festival and we get 56 runners for this event that caries a seat into the champions of champions so I'm surprised that we havent got more runners. 4k in starting chips and I make it to about half way when I push my A 10 into AK and come off second best. Jonny Texas Hewston put an appearance in and lasted just 4 minutes after pushing his straight draw that missed into quad 2s, He tells me that he'll be playing in one of the latter heats of the 888 as betfred are putting him in, If this is correct he'll be one hell of a formidable player at this format and his record speaks for itself.

27th October

The grand Prix festival kicks off in Walsall today with the £50 with 1 rebuy or add on allowed and it attracts just 55 runners possibly because there's no ranking points included with this tournament, Micky Wernick gets his seat in a live satellite at Walsall for the main event though.

26th October

We head back from Stockton today after getting knocked out the main event, It's cold wet and bloody windy

25th October

I play the main event today and fall at the halfway stage when getting all the chips in pre flop against Rav Mulla with AQ v AJ and he hits a jack on the turn and river.

24th October

I meet up with Dave Mauldin and the boys from AWOP for a Chinese lunch and then head into Darlington for the afternoon just to chill out. In the evening we go and see the horror film MIRRORS at the pictures.

23rd October

I get chipped up quite early on in the £200 freeze out but fail to take my foot off the accelerator after my KK gets busted by 99 and puts me on tilt after i see a 9 fall on the river, 130 runners and I crash about 90th