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Another year older and dont I feel it, guess I'll have to keep tinting my grey bits (vain old bastard - yes I know it) Anyway myself and Andrea travel up to Teeside from the midlands and we do the journey in 2 half hours and that was with a quick pit stop, so I guess we were just outside of the speed limit!!! thank god for photoblocker.

The hotel (The Stockton Swallow) is like something out of an early 70s movie with its decor although the rooms are ok.

We get to the casino for 5.45 and already it's buzzing, another sell out and loads on the alternate list, My starting table consisted of Paul (Goldenballs) Gardener, Steven Liu, John Eames, M Alibi, Ian ward, David Hudson, and Alan Badger.

Other players there included Dave Mauldin, CT Law, Colin Weir, Colin Pearson, James McCulloch, Lee Danaher, Richard Howe, Lee Richardson, Mark Angioy, John Docherty, Micheal Eglintine, Carl Eglintine, Christine Ward and John Bousfield.

I scrap my way to 14th spot out of 138 runners and miss out on cashing although I am pleased with my play after being down to the felt again quite early on when I play AK to aggressive on two occasions.

Today is the £200 freezeout and thats sold out so a pot of about £28k tonight.

The casino is ok and seems quite modern although it is 10 years old, The card room was a little cramped but there were 12 tables inwhere you would only normally have 10 tables so well done to all the Gala staff


NoCash said...

gl in the £200! I may bump into you on Saturday...have a good one

TEAMDOBB said...

nice meeting ya mate, good luck in main event