on 15:34

Well I've been ill (Manflu) for the last couple of days and have not played poker so I'm now looking forward to tomorrow's nights game in Teeside. I have done some shirt sponsorship with Gala for the £100, £200 and £500 main events and have to wear their logo's so I will be wearing their sponsored shirt, the only negative side to this is that people (fish) will be calling you with absolute crap as they want to knock you out with lets say 2/3 diamonds, this has a positive affect with me that I could get chipped up early off these Muppet's. I received an email today from Gala and these are the official figures so far for Teeside,

Wednesday 22nd - £100+10 = SOLD OUT (alternates may be available)
Thursday 23rd - £200+20 = 60 seats taken
Friday 24th - £500+50 day 1a = 77 seats taken
Saturday 25th - £500+50 day 1b = 77 seats taken

These figures were correct at 6pm last night so obviously seats will have been sold since then, If you aint got a seat yet "get it booked" before it sells out.
I also got an email fro Blue Sq today telling me that day 1a of the Grand Prix had been cancelled. I know from talking to people in the know at Walsall that there are only about 30 people qualified at the moment so I'm hoping for about 60-70 runners max, hehe

I am chilling out tonight and going out for a meal with my daughter as it's my birthday tomorrow (47 this year) and then travelling up to Teeside around 10am tomorrow as it's about a 3 hour drive.

20th October

Bunged up with this Manflu but manage to get over to Telford with Andrea driving as we pop into see my daughter and grand daughter as I'm going to be away for my birthday later this week.

19th October

Well I'm giving up being a tipster as all my tips to lift the coveted Blue Sq trophy fell at the whey side and the final three players had eluded me. James Browning went out with pocket aces and this is the 3rd time in 3 successive competitions to have this cruel exit, James still sits top of the podium at that buy-in level in the european rankings and I'm sure he will be there at the end of the year, He's final table appearances are second to none.

I crashed out of the $250k Guaranteed on ipoker quite early on and decide to go over to Broadway for the £100 F/O although I wish I hadn't bothered. I got my mate to pay me in as an alternate as I only had 12 minutes left when I phoned them as it had gone 9pm, anyways Jessica informs me I got 12 minutes to get there or I can get someone to pay me in but I would be anted away but only on my blinds. I phone my mate and he puts me in, I then get stuck in traffic on the M6 by Walsall and I get there for the break with 2200 chips remaining out of my 3500 stack, the blinds are now 200/400 and I limp in with A2clubs for 400 but have to bail out when there's a raise and a re-raise all in before the action comes back to me, I go through the blinds without picking a hand up and I down to 1200 when the table gets bust and I immediately find myself on a BB on a new table and I look down and find A8 clubs and decide that with a third of my stack in there this has to be the hand, I'm all in and up against 2 other players j 9 clubs and QJ hearts, 2 clubs on the flop along with a 8 makes me favorite for pot one (3800) and I'm "thinking back to my starting stack" when a red jack on the turn takes all my elation away as I see a red 5 on the river. Marc Goodwin was there trying to get some points to add to his european tally and I also saw Lucy there.

I went to Broadway with Andrea last night for the £30 DC freezeout that managed 138 runners, I suck out just once with 4 5 clubs against a player who had been raising 1 in 3 pots so I called his raise on my BB, flop came Q52 so I insta shoved and he had me just covered and made the call instantly with Q7, the turn was a blank and a 4 on the river gave me the pot, there was about 3 tables 0f 7 left at this stage. I took about 6 hits against me losing coin flips after going in ahead AK v AJ QQ v 88 JJv 89 and finally when just 2 tables of 7 left with the money paid down to 10th spot and I am about 7th in chips I move all in in late position with JJ and the BB calls with 99 and has me covered by about 8k 9 first card out and its all over. I played quite well given that I was down to the felt really early on but knew I could use a short stack well against a couple of players I had targeted on my table. (needed the live hours at the table for practice for Teeside as I've been struggling in live comps).