on 15:11

Most of you will know that I have won my seat to play in the 888.com Poker-Open to be filmed later this month in London.
I have been drawn with a couple of English lads that I already know, Stu Rutter and Roland De Wolfe but have also been drawn with the following three players:
Elmar Dirnberger
Thomas Brdaric - ex German Footballer
Miguel Guijarro OLQ

I don’t know anything about any of these players although I have done loads of searches on google and all the other poker sites, so if you do know them and got anything on them with regard to their game, could you share it with me?

MANY MANY THANKS to all the Top Brass down at Gala / Coral / Eurobet, who have once again shown faith in me. They have given me shirt sponsorship for the above event. Any sort of sponsorship deal these days is extremely hard to come by, so I hope that I can give Mark O'Donnell and ALL who work at Gala/Coral casino's their moneys worth by at least reaching the final stages and hopefully going on to win the event, maximising the TV coverage.

12th October
I had my on line account with Blue Sq suspended today for passing/dumping chips between my other ipoker accounts into Blue Sq, after much grovelling and apologising I am informed that it should be back on for Monday night / Tuesday morning.

11th October
Andrea played in the Betfred womens game down at the Broadway today and there was stiff competition with the likes of Lucy Rokash, Lynn Beaumont (last years champion) Caroline from Southport who donated the last 2.5k of her stack to Andrea on a bluff, and many others including a few Broadway players. Andrea bust out in 11th spot after calling an "all in" UTG for 11k when she only had 14k and with the blinds at 1/2k and holding pocket 10s, utg has KQ and spikes a queen on the flop.