on 12:38

30th September

I play a little bit of cash on-line and then go down to Walsall for the afternoon game just to get out of the house, I bubble the final table when I am on the sb and I find AQh and I push all in, min raise UTG calls me with pocket 8s and nothing comes to bail me out. I then have a curry with me mate who's off to Spain this weekend for a golf competition, so good luck Tony.

29th September
The cars in for a service and MOT today and I get more bad news.... needs a complete exhaust system and shocks are shot on the front end.. looking at £850 to get the jobs done and I have to put it on hold as money is tight at the moment. ;-(

28th September
Well I played the $250k but did no good, I am reading the reports coming from the WSOPE and that's where my heart is but I ain't got the £10k required for the buy-in so I can only make a concerted effort to be there next year. I know looking at the field that I could take that down and It's makes me more determined than ever to be there in 2009.

27th September
Qualified on-line for the $250k on i-poker network for tomorrow, although to be honest I dont know if I'm in the right frame of mind to play as I seem to be on a mega downer at the moment, must be the time of month.

26th September
Well I was going along quite nicely at the Broadway last night when about 3 tables from home I pick up pocket 10's on the button and it's folded round to me, blinds were 400/800/75ra and I've got around 10k so I push (as you do) and the small blind wakes up with American Airlines which makes this post rather short. There is a £200 freeze out at Walsall on Sunday and i think my activity till then will be on-line. Last night attracted just short of 90 runners and it had 63 runners last month so give it another couple of months and it could be up to 150 runners. Played in a £10 rebuy sat at Walsall today for the weekend but did no good.