on 18:09

Came 3rd last night in the $10k guaranteed for $800 although I should have gone on to win it when I was given pockets ladys on the button, got all my chips in to be called by pocket 10's and ace jack with the latter hitting an ace on the river, ;-(

Tonight is the final eliminator down in Bridgenorth for the 888 womens open to be filmed early in October in London. andrea will be down there as will Lucy Rokash, Sally SAS, and Caroline from Liverpool to name just a few. 17 runners needed for this £100 freezeout with the winner taking the $3000 seat and any extra runners over 17 goes to a cash for 2nd place.

I shall take my laptop down there and play some SnG's while I watch the ladys battle it out.


cashbiatch said...

how did Andrea get on Steve? Last 3 when we left, I'm hoping she went on to win it

Steve H. said...

Hi there,
She got really unlucky with a couple of coin flips but enjoyed the occasion, She would have liked to have won but wasnt meant to be ;-(. Was good to see you both there and hope to see you again in the near future at the other sat's that spivver and marty run. Good luck to colin in Ireland let us know how he gets on... see you in the commentry box (not) x

cashbiatch said...

ha ha they'd have to beep out every 2nd word.... unlucky andrea, we'll defo play the sats on a monday, c u both soon x