on 13:14

Well it's Tuesday already and I dont seem to have stopped for ages.
Got home around 5am this morning after going down to Camberley Heath Golf Club for the Ladbrookes Golf & Poker Day. I played like a complete knob at the golf and only managed to secure 17 points of a 18 handicap, good job I wasn't playing for the Ryder cup team. For every point you scored you got an extra 100 chips in the evening poker competition on top of your 2000 starting stack, so I start the event with 3700 with the ave at 4200, I bully my way up to 5400 quite quickly and then I limp in middle position with pocket 2s, button raises to 250 (blinds 25/50) BB calls and I call, flop comes 7c5c 2h , check, check and button makes it 300, BB calls and I make it 1800, button folds and the BB pushes all in and has me covered by 25 chips, I put the BB on a flush draw and I know that I can rebuy once if I go bust, I call and he flips over pocket 7s. Rebuy taken for £50 for 2000 and there is a raise to 250 before it gets to me on the very next hand, I find 9d 10d in the hole and I call the 250 as does the button, flop comes 9h 10h Qs Check check button makes it 300, call from UTG so I reraise to 750 leaving myself just 1k behind, both call and a Jc hits the turn, Check check and button pushes for 1300 all in, fold from utg and I call knowing I'm behind to the straight but I got 4 outs, sure enough button's holding KQ for the straight and I get no assistance and am resigned to playing sit n goes on my laptop while I'm waiting for Tony, who gets deep but not deep enough finishing 14th when he's pocket 10s are crushed by a flush on the board with he's opponent holding the ace for the nuts.

21st September
Me and Tony travel down to Camberley for the Laddies golf day and we catch the end of the Ryder Cup in a local boozer down in Bagshot. We had a Mexican in one of the local rest's and got to be honest, it's one to avoid. Zach Ford won the GCBPT main event in Liverpool after a 5 way split. We hit the sack early as we got early tee times tomorrow and a long day ahead of us.

20th September
I play in the $250 guaranteed on Blue square and go out 6th for $1500 after having pocket Qs crushed by AJ with an ace on the river.

I got bust out of the main event in Liverpool quite early after getting involved with Zaffa Hussein in this one hand in the first level that knocked me down to the felt where I stayed till just after the dinner break and made it into the first 20 mins of level 3. the hand with Zaffa went like this, Blinds 25/50. min raise UTG 100 with 3 callers beore it gets to me, I find 4 5 clubs so I re-raise to 450 in the cut off, BB (Zaffa) calls and after a lot of hollywood, everyone else folds, flop comes Ac 6c 7d Zaffa bets out 800 so I re-raise to 2400 Zafa calls, Jh on the turn and zaffa bets out 800, I re-pop him to 2400 and he calls, he checks the river card Qd and I chuck 1500 in to which he flat calls and shows AK and I down to 3700 in the 5th hand of the day. roll on Teeside now, Liverpool is a great venue, super card room with brand new tables and looks the business with Albert docks on the door steps with some great bars and clubs.