on 11:36

Had a great game of golf yesterday at a brilliant wide open course, weather was A1 and the welcome that we received from members whilst on the golf course was more than welcoming, I would def return there for another game given the chance next time I am in Liverpool. We then had a really nice meal in the Kavern on Albert Docks which seems to specialize in the Irish dishes mainly - but nevertheless a terrific meal. I only lasted till the end of level 6 in last nights comp after getting up to around 18k at one point, I suffered two suckouts against me which damaged my stack and I then pushed my last 5k in with 45 hearts and ran into Neil Batchleys A8. I am really looking forward to the main event today and getting back on Sunday for the final day, Tight play is the order of the day today. James Browning was the unlucky player who went out first last night, not a occupation he is familiar with, unlucky mate.